CE Requirements

The following is an explanation of the continuing education requirements:

43 hours total are required for each even-numbered 2-year cycle.
A minimum of 12 CE hours taken must be in ocular pharmacology or therapeutics.
A maximum 6 hours of CE may be taken in practice management.
A maximum of 10 hours of optometric study may be taken by correspondence or via the Internet.
Those who hold an injection certificate shall complete 2 hours of CE in injection administration.
Please see the CE Fact Sheet.

CE taken at conferences and seminars must be sponsored by the AOA, SECO-type regional meetings, state associations, colleges of optometry, medical schools, COPE approved, or pre-approved by the Board of Optometry. Hours may be taken any time during the two-year period.

A more detailed explanation of CE requirements may be found in our Continuing Education Booklet. In addition, 14-10 under “Laws and Rules Governing Optometry” gives the complete list of CE requirements.

The licensee is responsible for keeping copies of his/her continuing education hours in a safe place. The Board requests that you retain written proof of CE hours for the current and previous licensing periods. The Board uses the Associations of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO)’s CE computer database system to begin CE audits. Those optometrists who have enough hours of correct categories of subject matter in the database will receive a letter of congratulation. Those who do not have enough hours logged with ARBO will receive a letter requiring written proof of the additional CE hours needed. The Board is moving toward a 100% sample of licensees. DO NOT SEND PROOF OF CONTINUING EDUCATION TO THE BOARD OFFICE UNLESS REQUESTED. Failure to obtain and maintain proof of the required CEU’s will result in stiff fines and/or license suspension or revocation. Continuing education certificates may be sent to ARBO. They will enter them into the ARBO CE database, OE Tracker, for free.